![alt](/content/images/2018/10/Webp.net-compress-image-9.jpg)Interview with Michael Myers (The Shape) EXCLUSIVE interview with the boogeyman himself, Michael Myers [Watch here] ![alt](/content/images/2018/10/33567383.jpg)Hollywood Museum’s “Batman 66” Panel Discussion Rouses Social Media Meisters via Facebook Live to Bam Pow Success!
Incorporating paper, digital, and social media alike, the Hollywood Museum hosted one of its first panels in person and on Facebook Live all in honor of the Batman 66 Exhibit on display at the venerable old Max Factor building. [Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/10/Webp.net-compress-image-12.jpg)Shudder’s New “Creepshow” Series Gets a Classic Comic Poster The poster is designed by artist Tim Bradstreet and Nicotero, who will also executive-produce and supervise the show’s creative elements. [Read More]

Jordan Peele’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ Begins Production
Celebrates 59 years of the iconic sci-fi original.
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![alt](/content/images/2018/10/wheel_of_time_tv_series.0.jpg)Amazon has greenlit an adaptation of Robert Jordan’s fantasy epic The Wheel of Time
Author Neil Gaiman has also signed an overall agreement with the company
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