The Week in Geek- Stan Lee Edition

The Week in Geek- Stan Lee Edition
![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ How Stan Lee Transformed The Comic Business
The Marvel franchise made its billions because he understood that nuanced characters and fan communities were essential
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ 'The Gifted' Airs Touching Tribute to Stan Lee in Latest Episode
Marvel fans are still emotional about Stan Lee passing away earlier this week, but the latest episode of The Gifted probably conjored up a whole new set of feelings.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ Celebrate the life of Stan Lee by watching his movie cameos
The Lee cameo became a hallmark of the franchise, a little easter egg for avid fans and casual viewers alike.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ Autism advocate Iman Wan thanks Stan Lee for autistic superheroes Wan, whose 16-year-old son Adam has autism, has been using social media as a platform to create awareness about autism, garnering more than 260,000 Instagram followers to date. [Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ That Time Stan Lee Pretended to Like Jimmy Fallon’s Crummy Superhero Costume (Video)
In the 2009 clip, shared by a Fallon fan and retweeted by Fallon’s official Twitter account, Fallon traveled to San Diego Comic-Con 2009 to pitch several comics luminaries on his environmentalism-themed superhero, “Recharger.” [Watch Here] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ America Is a Dream
Stan Lee offered a powerful definition of the American idea in The Atlantic’s 150th-anniversary issue in November 2007.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ When Stan Lee created an Indian superhero to keep Mumbai safe
In 2011, Chakra: The Invincible made his debut in a comic book. [Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ RIP Stan Lee, Who Gave the World the Strangest Superhero Car
The superhero car in question is the Fantasticar, the aircraft like thing that was nevertheless called a car by the people who used it, the Fantastic Four.
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