The Week in Geek- 11/9/18

The Week in Geek- 11/9/18
![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie in the Works With Series Creator Vince Gilligan
“Breaking Bad” may have had its finale in 2013, but Variety has confirmed that series creator Vince Gilligan is working on a new film with ties to the beloved series.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ DC’s ‘Swamp Thing’ TV Series Casts Its Alec Holland and Title Creature
DC Universe’s live-action original series Swamp Thing is gearing up to go into murky, muddy production.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ Official Night Of The Living Dead Sequel Is Happening With Romero's Original Team
Living Dead Media, the company entrusted with handling Romero's classic, have announced that they intend to release an official sequel, with some of the original creators involved.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ Netflix Sets Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pinocchio’ and Henry Selick’s ‘Wendell & Wild’ for 2021 Here’s everything you need to know about the pair of stop-motion animated films coming to Netflix in just a few short years
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ Meet the Superhero of Cosplay
Costume and prop-maker Shawn Thorsson shows us how he creates impressive life-size replicas of movie and comic-book characters.
[Watch Here] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ Supernatural recap: Sam and Dean live out a real-life horror movie
We did it! We made it to our first real monster-of-the-week episode of the season!
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ BBC's Watership Down First Images and Additional Cast Revealed
The BBC and Netflix are releasing a new CG-animated version this Christmas, and in order to more accurately portray the book, it’s going to come in two feature-length installments. [Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/11/ Players Have Found the Fallout 76 Mothman, and He Seems Like a Cool Dude
Despite his monstrous appearance, this product of nuclear war just wants to be friends and have a good time.
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