![alt](/content/images/2018/08/lead_720_405.jpg) Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’ Season 2 Wraps Filming, Marvel Executive Says Jon Bernthal Is A ‘Force Of Nature’ The plot remains unknown, so fans will have to sit tight until 2019. [Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/08/Webp.net-compress-image--25-.jpg)Annabelle 3 will begin shooting in October "It’s basically Night at the Museum with Annabelle" - James Wan
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/08/Webp.net-compress-image--21-.jpg)An Upsurge in Underwater Evil Threatens Aquaman and the Justice League The Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth crossover event will arrive this November. [Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/08/Webp.net-compress-image--26-.jpg)YouTube removes trailer for ‘The Nun’ because it’s ‘too scary’ YouTube took its "no shocking content" policy literally. [Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/08/Webp.net-compress-image--22-.jpg) Mark Millar and Netflix set Action-Packed Prodigy as Second Comic Book Franchise Prodigy will be available in comic book stores and online on December 5th, 2018. [Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/08/Webp.net-compress-image--24-.jpg)'Stranger Things' Producer Promises 'Darker' and 'More Action-Packed' Season 3 Let's go to the (Starcourt) Mall today. [Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/08/Webp.net-compress-image--27-.jpg)Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy Plaque Shut up and take my money. [Read More]