The Week in Geek - Halloween Edition

The Week in Geek - Halloween Edition
![alt](/content/images/2018/10/halloween.jpg)Halloween Box Office Breaks Records
This year’s Halloween sequel has broken several records in its opening weekend.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/10/nun.jpg)The Scariest Nuns in Film
With the fresh release of *The Nun*, there has been a recent resurgence of the classic ‘nunsploitation’ movies.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/10/freddy.jpg)Freddy Krueger Is Your Worst Nightmare in New 'The Goldbergs' Clip
After waiting 15 years to see Robert Englund reprise his role as Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street fans are finally having their wishes granted.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/10/ 'Halloween' Opening Scene Was Added Late in the Game
Filmmaker David Gordon Green looks at the creative choices his team made to shoot the horror hit in just 25 days — and on a Blumhouse budget.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/10/ash.png)Ash vs. Ghost Pirates
Peek inside the pages of this year’s ‘Army of Darkness’ Halloween comic.
[Read More] ![alt](/content/images/2018/10/king-1.jpg)Top Stephen King Books to Read During Halloween
King has us covered.
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altBurger King Creates 'Nightmare Burger'
It may actually induce nightmares.
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