The last weeks in August are always the hottest. The sunny warm weather has us thinking about the fun tropical line of figures Mezco released in 2004, Tikimon. Tikimon are the playful and mischievous inhabitants of Tikimon Island, inspired by the style and attitude of Polynesian Tiki culture. Each of the Tikimon come with their own accessories that accentuate the distinct personalities the crazy characters have.

The Tikimon line also inspired a website featuring the Tikimon on their home of Tikimon Island. Users could play mini-games with the characters, like playing as Monsoon in a surfing game that allowed players to pull off some gnarly tricks. The site even featured a cartoon produced by Second Thought, starring the Tikimon themselves, caught up in an island adventure. It was a big opportunity to to see Mezco original figures created across multimedia platforms.

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